Welcome to Heart of Lytham Sangha.

The Heart of Lytham Sangha is part of the Community of Interbeing, which is the name given to the network of people who practise Mindfulness  meditation, according to the teachings of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh.

In order to support the growing numbers of practitioners in our tradition, the Community of Interbeing has established a network of local groups (known as Sanghas), each with their own activities and contacts.

Currently there are over 90 Community of Interbeing Sanghas in the UK.  (Community of Interbeing UK – registered Charity 1096680).

The Heart of Lytham Sangha meets in the town of Lytham on the Fylde coast. Our regular meetings include guided and unguided meditations, walking meditation, readings and opportunities for dharma sharing.

The format of the sessions is as follows:

6.45   Arrive: sit and focus on the breath

7.00     Introductions and guided seated meditation

7.45    Slow walking meditation: indoors, in a circle

8.00    Silent seated meditation

8.15     Tea break

8.30     Dharma sharing: an opportunity to focus on a passage of writing by Thich Nhat Hanh; to share our thoughts and feelings; to support one another through the practice of loving speech and deep listening; concentration on the breath

9.00    End of session

We divide the cost of the room amongst us and so the donation is usually about £4 per person, but the amount does vary slightly.